What to Bring to Your Appointment

Follow the instructions below to ensure you have the best experience possible:

  • Please bring with you to your appointment a CD of any and all films related to your diagnosis. Sometimes other physicians send the films to UK, but many times these films do not make it to your appointment on time.   While a report of the films may be helpful, your neurosurgeon will need to review your images to discuss with you the diagnosis and treatment options. Without the films, your physician may need to reschedule the appointment or schedule an additional appointment in order to review them.

  • Please bring a current list of your medications and their dosages.   

  • If possible, please bring a list of your current treating physicians and their contact information, especially your primary care provider.  Your neurosurgeon will communicate with your other physicians to ensure that they receive notification of your neurosurgical evaluation.

  • Please follow the link below for the Patient Packet.  If you would like to print the packet and complete it ahead of time, it will help to minimize your waiting time in the clinic to see your physician.

Click below to download the patient packet (PDF, 1.54 MB) to bring with you to your appointment. Although not required, this will help minimize your waiting time in the clinic if it is filled out ahead of time.