Due to the current rise in COVID 19 cases, we are unable to host any external Volunteers, High School Students, International students, or observers. As conditions evolve we will update this page

Neurosurgery frequently receives requests for students and professionals seeking opportunities to observe. For all students and non-UK Healthcare employees wanting to participate in the Observation and Learning program at UK, there are required documents you must provide in order to participate in the program. For the best experience, plan to attend the whole day if possible.

Please contact Mrs. Hannah Smith at hannah.smith225@uky.edu to schedule this learning opportunity as well as assist in finalizing your learning experience. 

The UK Healthcare Observation and Learning site is http://ukhealthcare.uky.edu/about/opportunities/observers/. You will not be allowed to observe/shadow without approval from the Observation and Learning Office and the process can take 2-4weeks.