Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a referral?

Yes. A verbal referral from your primary care provider or another physician familiar with your case is required to schedule an appointment in our clinic. In addition, we ask for notes, test results, and scans of the body part that you are being referred for. Your referring physician's office can call 859-323-5661 to initiate the referral process.

How long does it take to get in?

The length of time for an appointment varies based on your diagnosis.

Who will I see?

What surgeon you will see depends on your condition. Neurosurgery has several subspecialties that physicians specialize in. Regardless of your condition, you will see a surgeon at your consultation visit. To see a list of our faculty, click here.

Do I need to bring a disk of my scans?

Yes. If the neurosurgeon does not have the images to review they cannot make a decision on your need for surgery. Please do not rely on the place doing the scans or your referring physician's office to send them to us. You may be asked to reschedule if you do not have your disk. Please hand-carry your disk to your appointment with you.

What types of insurance are accepted?

We are contracted with most major healthcare plans. For specific coverage you need to contact your insurance provider.

Do they do surgery the same day?

No. Your initial appointment with the surgeon is a consultation visit. You will discuss your medical issues with a neurosurgery provider, the surgeon will review your images and records and a plan of care will be established. If surgery is in your plan of care, it will be scheduled for a later date.

Do we have a pain management clinic?

UK does have an internal pain management clinic. Depending on your plan of care you may be referred to a pain management clinic.